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Come and join the journey and adventure along as with Kelani and Court. 

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Thank you for joining on the journey and enjoy the adventure. 

Karver: Worlds Collide is the first book in a thrilling graphic novel series. When a mysterious box brings the Tiki, Po, and a young girl named Kelani together, they embark on an epic journey to the mystical island of La'au. Along the way, they discover the value of friendship, the power of magic, and the importance of finding your place in the world. Get ready for an unforgettable story

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La'au: The Process

Read about how Karver came to be. From original concept 'Found Curiosity' and original graphic novel La'au.


Po's Comic

Read the 30 page comic of Po.

Pages right out of Karver: Worlds Collide graphic novel. 

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