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Crystal Bhimji is a California based Illustrator/Author, with a passion for storytelling. 


Self- Published 2019 graphic novel ‘Karver: Worlds Collide’; Currently selling through Amazon.  Karver was produced and written solely by Crystal. Working Currently on Book 2. 


In 2020, Crystal’s art was selected for two different shows at the Walt Disney Family Museum; World of tomorrow  and Small world shows. In 2021 was selected for Conserving the Magic of our World and Spirit of the Season. 


Before going back to get an animation degree Crystal had worked for 10 years as a Graphic/ Web Designer. During this time she worked on websites and marketing matterial for music companies, financial institutions, mega stores, as well as small businesses. 

You can see work history on LinkedIn.


Crystal holds a Bachelor degree in Animation from Emily Carr University. As well, as to two diplomas from CCTC in Web Production and Graphic Design. 


Currently working on second Karver book. 



You can Follow Crystal on instagram @CrystalBhimji  or Facebook.(CrystalBhimjiArt



Artwork can be purchased through the STORE page. If you are interested in purchasing originals or signed artwork please use the CONTACT form to submit your requests.

Crystal Bhimji

"I believe in the endless possibilities of the imagination and only keep on learning the skills in which it will take to push my imagination through out into the world. My greatest dream is to create something that even just one person can excape into helping them believe in the possibilities of a brighter tomorrow."

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