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Karver: Worlds ColLide 

The Karver is the first book in an exciting graphic novel series about an enchanted tiki island and a girl named Kelani. Through her adventures, Kelani learns how to find her place in the world and use her powers to save the island. This colorful and imaginative story is sure to capture readers' imaginations. With beautiful artwork and a captivating story, the Karver is a must-read for any fan of graphic novels.




Crystal Bhimji is a contemporary artist with a portfolio of digital and traditional art, including cartoon inspired illustrations. Her recent projects showcase her unique style of combining traditional and modern elements to create bold and captivating works of art. Explore more of Crystal's projects and get inspired today

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Welcome to the world of Crystal Bhimji! I am an artist based in Southern California who specializes in digital, painting and ink sketches. My work has been inspired by a love of cartoons and storytelling, and I am passionate about creating art that inspires joy and positivity.


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