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A quick over view of the contents of Karver: Worlds Collide. This will give you the opportunity to see the book before purchasing. 




The book is based around three main characters: Kelani, Court and Po


Kelani is a Polynesian Girl whom has a rebellious streak and a curious nature. With a strong determination and a high spirit she finds herself diving into a past she never knew existed.


Court a little orange haired tagalong who is the adopted sister of Kelani. She is how she would state it a ‘genius’ but also a scaredy cat. Always wanting to be the center of focus, yet scared of her own shadow. 


Po is from another world. La’au he is the tiki of the moon and sun therefore sits upon a high mountain both day and night watching the world below him. 


Karver book one is set in two different environments. One is where Kelani and Court are based is a Pacific Northwest type of area. Where in the Winter it snows but in the summer you can get lost in the big towering trees. 


The second is the tropical island paradise called ‘La’au’. This is the home of the tiki’s and is a magical island which would not exist on our maps. 

- Thank you for reading Karver Crystal Bhimji

Now that you know more about Karver you can get your copy here: 

Worlds Collide Book Overview

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