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Found Curiosity: A Animated Short 

The idea for Karver all stems back to this one image. The idea of a tiki coming to life in a little boys room/ then a little girl.


At the time I was in my second year of animation and was  contemplating a thesis project for forth year. In, the years ahead my vision would roll forth away from a animation short. 

Birth of La'au island

After making storyboards and concepts for my animation short it got me thinking. What does the world on the other-side of the tiki look like.


La'au was created out of this thought. The idea of magic and characters belonging to one world. I now had a world and characters but had no story to tell with them.   

La'au (the first version of Karver)

First 75 page graphic novel written for grad thesis from Emily Carr University in 2014. 

The first book was done in little over 8 months from concept to competition. So had many plot holes and was missing the heart of which I really wanted to establish. 

History of Karver 

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